Run Like A Cheetah With These 3 Tips To Improve Your Speed

Running is a great way to burn calories and increase endurance. If you are training for a competition, you want to make sure you are always at your best. Cutting down on the time is crucial to winning the race. Does it seem like nothing you are doing is helping cut down the time? Here are a few tips to help you increase your running speed and sail ahead of the competition each and every time.

Practice your form.

If you are trying to increase your running speed, you need to hone in on the proper technique. Your upper body should remain tall, albeit relaxed. You should strike the ground with the middle of your foot landing just underneath of your hip. Swing your arms back and forth, not from one side to the other. Arms shouldn't be lifted too high. Keep them bent at a 90-degree angle.

Pay attention to the number of steps you take.

Start counting how many steps you take when you run, regardless of whether you are sprinting or going out for a leisurely stroll. A fast and efficient runner will often average more than 150 steps for every minute of running they do. Your steps should be short, as close as possible to the ground and speedy. To determine how many steps you are taking, run in place for a minute. While running, you want to count how many times your foot hits the floor. You can choose whether to count based on your left foot or right foot. Take that number and times it by two to come up with the number of steps you are taking per minute.

Lighten things up a bit.

Even if you aren't interested in running barefoot, that doesn't mean you can't get a pair of sneakers that are lightweight. With all of the changes to athletic wear today, it only makes sense that you can pick up a pair of kicks that feel almost like you have nothing on your feet. They simulate the natural movement in your foot and help to improve your stride. Less weight on your feet can help propel your further in a shorter amount of time.

By implementing the tips above into your running routine, you can improve your speed and edge out the competition each and every time. Stop wasting time and start taking steps to change your running pace today. You can also find more information by talking to a place like Athletic Quickness.