Live In An Inner Suburb? Gain Major Benefits With An Electric Bike

While living in a city often makes it possible to ride a bicycle as a mode of transportation, you may find that living in an outer suburb makes it too challenging. Living in an inner suburb of a major city presents certain advantages and disadvantages for standard bike ownership. However, you can enjoy several substantial benefits with electric bike ownership in a suburb. 

Learning about the benefits will help you decide whether an electric bicycle is worth buying.

Bicycle Storage

Many people living in major cities give up square footage compared to suburban and rural areas. As a result, you may not have much space to store a bicycle inside your home.

While you may feel comfortable locking up a bicycle outside or in a storage room, you may not feel the same way about an electric bike. Living in a suburb often means having more square footage than in the city, allowing you to comfortably store an electric bike inside your home.

Owning a single-family home means you can put the bike in the basement, garage, or main floor. These options are great because you will need to charge your bicycle to use the electric functionality.

Travel Distance

While using a typical bicycle, you may find that traveling from an inner suburb to the city takes too much time and effort. However, you can use an electric bicycle to shorten the travel time while also allowing you to conserve energy. Instead of showing up to work, school, or a friend's house covered in sweat after an intense cycling session, you can arrive ready to impress.

While looking at electric bikes, you will want to pay close attention to the travel range on a single charge. An essential factor to consider is that weather and road conditions will impact the max distance. So, you want to make sure that you choose a bicycle model with a range that is well over what you need to accommodate windy days and uneven roads.

A smart plan is to rent a bicycle and take some of the paths you would normally take after getting an electric bike to learn about obstacles or find better paths. Traveling from a suburb to inside the city gives you plenty of opportunities to optimize your cycling routes.

Getting secure storage and traveling long distances are two significant benefits of owning an electric bike while living in an inner suburb.