Fishing Boat Rental: Live Bait For Big Fish

If you're trying to land a trophy catch on your fishing boat rental trip, using live bait is almost always your best option for catching bigger fish.

Here are some live bait techniques and tackle to use on your fishing boat rental trip.

Finding the Bait

One of the exciting parts of a fishing boat rental experience is figuring out where to find fish and how to catch them in new waters.

  • Go Local: the nearest tackle or bait shop from where you launch your fishing boat rental trip can often be the best place to find live bait and local insights. Before you book a fishing boat rental, it's always a good idea to do a little research to find the place where the locals get their bait and gear. When you call the local tackle or bait shop, be sure to use specific questions about the types of live bait and tackle for the species you hope to target. You can also inquire about local fishing guides. Booking a guide to take you on your first few days on your fishing boat rental can reduce the learning curve to virtually zero. Be sure to ask your guide about the types of live bait you should use, how you should use it, and where you can find it.
  • Go Resourceful: big fish and baitfish tend to congregate in the same locations. You can often find live bait near structures like docks, jetties, and cover. Baitfish can also be reliably located by finding moving water. Creek mouths, channels, and wind-blown points can also hold huge schools of baitfish. Local and state regulations can guide you on the types of angling methods you can legally use to collect baitfish. Some of the most common and effective techniques for catching bait fish include cast nets, minnow-traps, and umbrella rigs. You can also spend some time "micro fishing" with tiny hooks or jigs to catch small baitfish using conventional fishing tackle.

Making it Count 

Once you gather the right type of live bait for your fishing boat rental trip, you'll need to figure out how to use it.

  • Bait and Wait: one live bait angling technique involves putting a small weight a few feet about a hook, baited with live bait, and waiting for something to tug the end of your line. This technique is effective if you can find the right location. However, if the spot(s) you choose don't hold fish, you'll likely squander most of your fishing boat rental time.