Helpful Tennis Training Equipment Options

Tennis players have multiple types of training aids that they can use to improve their skills. Here are some of the most helpful tennis training equipment options.

Elastic Leg Bands

Elastic leg bands extend from the ankle up to the waist, putting a slight strain on the legs. This strain has a dual purpose of both strengthening the leg muscles and helping players adjust to real-match play. 

The resistance provided by the bands forces the thighs and calves to work harder, making them stronger. The legs are also forced into a bent position, so you can practice swinging your racket with bent legs, which is usually how players are positioned during matches.

Sweet Spot Racket Cover

The sweet spot of the racket is the best place to hit with, for it provides the most force when you strike. A sweet spot racket cover is designed to go over your tennis racket, and it covers all of the racket's hitting surface except for the sweet spot. This forces you to focus on properly connecting with the ball, because the ball will fall dead if you don't hit it with the racket properly.

Continental Grip Trainer

There are multiple ways to hold a tennis racket, and even the best pros use different techniques. Of all the various grip options, though, the Continental grip is perhaps the most versatile. The Continental grip is used for serves, overhead shots, slices, volleys, and more.

A Continental grip trainer helps novice tennis players learn this classic and versatile grip. The aid wraps around the tennis racket's handle, and the trainer has a peg that sticks out from the handle. This peg goes between the index and middle finger when you grip the racket, thus forcing you to hold the racket with a Continental grip.

Footwork Rings

The foundation of every tennis swing starts with the feet, and a swing won't have maximum power if your feet are set improperly. Footwork rings help train players to place their feet properly.

The rings are brightly colored donuts that players (or coaches) can place in a desired location of the tennis court. Anytime a player hits a ball from that section of the court, they need to get their feet centered in rings before swinging.

Volley Machine

When you want to practice a specific type of shot, nothing is more helpful than a volley machine loaded with tennis balls. Aim the machine where you want it, and you'll have a long series of balls to practice volleying back.