Making Sure You Choose The Right Tennis Racket For You

Whether you are a seasoned and experienced tennis player or are just thinking about giving it a try for the first time, one of the most important steps to take is to get yourself a tennis racket. While you may think that any old tennis racket at your local discount box store or sporting goods chain will do, not every tennis racket is the same. Choosing the right tennis racket for you can greatly improve your enjoyment of the game as well as your ability to perform well on the court. Get to know some of the factors to consider and steps you can take to ensure that you find the right tennis racket for you when you next hit the courts.

Power Versus Control

Different tennis rackets are designed to meet different player needs and skills. Power and control are two of the elements that you need to consider when choosing your tennis racket. Generally speaking, the tennis rackets that are the strongest and therefore are designed for more power, offer less ability to control the fine movements of the ball and vice versa.

You need to, of course, determine what kind of player you are in order to choose between these two aspects. Additionally, if you are a true beginner, then you will not yet have the skills necessary to control the ball as far as precision shots and the spin on the tennis ball. As such, purchasing a racket that offers more power is your best bet in such a situation.

Open Versus Dense String Patterns

If you have gone to the store and looked at tennis rackets, you may have found that there are different string patterns among the rackets available. Overall, the string patterns range from open to dense.

An open string pattern is common among most beginner rackets as it allows you to harness more power when hitting the ball. Because there are more open spaces in this string pattern though, these tennis rackets are less durable than their dense string counterparts. 

Dense string patterns allow you to have greater control over aiming your shots and are more durable rackets. However, to get the top spin you want, you will have to know exactly how to swing and hit the ball with precision every time, making it difficult for beginners.

No Matter What, Always Demo

One of the best things about finding the right tennis racket for you is the fact that many companies and sports & sporting goods retailers will allow you to demo tennis rackets to ensure you find the perfect fit for you. Demoing tennis rackets allows you to take a tennis racket home and hit the courts with it for a certain period of time (perhaps a month or two).

If you find that the racket suits your needs, then you can keep it. However, if the racket is not quite right, you can trade it in for a different model or type and continue that process until you find what feels and performs best for you.

Now that you know a few of the factors to consider and steps to take when looking for your ideal tennis racket, you can get your shopping started as soon as possible.