4 Simple Ways to Raise Funds for New Team Jerseys for Your Youth Sport's Team

When the time rolls around every year to invest in new team jerseys for your youth sporting group, it can leave you with the burden of coming up with the funding. Even by working with sporting goods companies that offer wholesale jerseys online, you may still be faced with the challenge of finding money to pay for what you need. Here are a few simple fundraising ideas that you can use to help you raise the money to get your team the jerseys they need.

1. Hold a Bottle Drive—Bottle drives take no investment at all and can be organized without a lot of time or effort. Send out flyers to the community to let people know that you will be accepting bottles for recycling and that the proceeds will go toward new team jerseys and equipment. Be sure you get with the local recycling center to make sure that they will allow you to bring in a lot of bottles for deposit return at one time.

2. Have a Helping Hand Sale—This is a good thing to do if you have a team of healthy and strong teenagers who could use a little experience with helping out people in the community. Host a helping hand rental service in which people within the community can rent a team player to help them perform various things around their home, such as landscaping, moving furniture, or cleaning out their garage.

3. Host an Adult Tournament—It can be a lot of fun for adults to get in on the sporting action, and many of them would pay to play in a highly-publicized game, such as basketball or softball. Host an adult tournament that requires a small entry fee, and you could have enough funding raised for your team jerseys with just a few games.

4. Make Use of Your Team's Website—If you have a website set up for your youth sports team, take advantage of the opportunity to offer advertising to local agencies and businesses. Business people may jump at the chance to get some online advertising that is so closely tied with the community, and placing an ad is something that takes just a few minutes to do on your website blog or landing page.

With a little ingenuity and some creative thinking, coming up with simple ways to raise money for new jerseys is easy to do. Be sure to talk to a sales representative from a sports and sporting good store for even more ideas about how to raise money for your team's attire.