3 Ways To Recognize Employee Excellence & Boost Morale

Feedback is important when it comes to running your business. You need to be able to effectively communicate with your employees. It is just as important to recognize achievements as it is to point out mistakes and corrections. Giving an employee recognition helps to boost their morale and to give them a positive experience at your company. You can do this in a number of different ways and can even add a bit of fun and flair in the process. Here are three ways to recognize employee excellent and boost morale.

Hold an awards-show style luncheon.

Add a fun spin to the classic employee luncheon by turning it into an awards show. You can order trophies and plaques to recognize excellent performances from employees and departments. You do not have to limit awards to top sales or statistics based on numbers. You can also recognize employees for how they positively contribute to the company's culture or a good work atmosphere. Awards can include Miss or Mister Congeniality, Best Co-worker in a Supporting Role, and many others. You can get creative and recognize how positive contributions come from every corner of your office. The fun flair added to the luncheon will be the talk of the office. You can include a "red carpet" and other star-studded decorations. To order trophies, contact a company such as Washington Trophy Center.

Add an honor roll column to your newsletter.

If you think that your employees are doing a good job, make sure to share your sentiments. If you have an office newsletter or a weekly or monthly memo, you can save a small section of it for an honor roll. It always feels good to know that your hard work is being noticed. To make this more interactive, you can also include co-worker shout outs by allowing other employees to nominate their co-workers for honor roll spots.

Write a personalized thank you note to your employee.

Some people are not comfortable in the spotlight. If that is the case with one of your employees who is doing an excellent job, write them a thank you note. Taking the time to hand write a note recognizing their work will make them feel proud and bolster their sense of accomplishment. If their output is particularly excellent, you can also quietly present them with a plaque commemorating their achievements. This is particularly appropriate if the employee has reached a landmark anniversary with your company or has broken a sales or production record.